Dev Tools

Dev Tools #

Introduction #

Use Dev Tools to quickly write and execute Elasticsearch queries and other elasticsearch APIs. When installation verification is enabled, all requests will go through API level permission verification

Open Dev Tools #

Use the Ctrl+Shift+O shortcut to open or click the icon in the upper right corner of the console.

Dev Tools

Execute request shortcuts #

Command+Enter or Ctrl+Enter

Multi-cluster multi-tab page support #

The Dev Tools supports the use of tab pages to open multiple clusters at the same time. Even if it is the same cluster, multiple clusters can be opened, and the status of the tab pages is independent. The tab page uses the cluster name as the title by default, and can be modified by double-clicking the tab page title. Below the Dev Tools is a status bar, and on the left is the health status, http address, and version information of the current cluster. On the right is the response status and duration of the elasticsearch interface request.

Dev Tools tab

View request header information #

After using the Dev Tools to execute the elasticsearch request, you can click the headers Tab page on the right to view the request header information.

Dev Tools headers