Alerting Channels

Alerting Channels #

Introduction #

The alerting channel is used to configure the channel for sending notification messages when an alerting rule is triggered. Currently, webhook is supported.

Channes list #

In the channels list, you can query the channels that have been added

alerting channels list

New alerting channel #

Click the New button on the channels list page to enter the new alerting channel page

alerting channel new

  • Input channel name (required)
  • Select channel type (currently only webhook is supported)
  • Input the webhook address
  • Select the method of HTTP request, the default is POST
  • Add HTTP request headers as needed
  • Configure the webhook request body
  • Click the save button to submit

Update channel configuration #

Select the channel to be updated in the channels list and click the Edit button to enter the update channel configuration page

alerting channel update

For operation reference, create an alerting channel

delete alerting channel #

Click the delete button in the alerting channels list table to confirm the second time, and execute the delete operation after confirming the deletion.