Initialization Guide

Initialization Guide #

Introduction #

After the initial install, it will enter the initialization guide page where you need to initialize some configurations, such as system cluster and default user。

配置 #

Connecting to system cluster (elasticsearch required version 7.3 or above).

  • TLS

    Default is http,enable is https。

  • Auth

    Authentication is not required to default, it is required to enable。

  • Test Connection

    Test the connection configuration and proceed to the next step after success.

Initialization #

When entering the initialization step, it will verify whether the old data exists in the cluster. You can choose to use the old data or delete the data before initialization.

  • Old data exists

You can use the script prompted to delete the old data, click Refresh, and enter the default user initialization.

You can also skip this step and reuse the existing data.

  • No old data exists

    It will enter the initialization default user interface.

Finish #

After initialization is completed, you can enter the Console。